Barclays stat packs

The Brief

As a prominent sponsor of the Premier League, Barclays provide “Stat packs” (statistical information on football matches) to journalists. The Brief was to revolutionise this offering from a paper statement to a contemporary digital product.



+ Responsive website allowed journalists access to stats anytime, anywhere


+ Creation of a clear navigation and architecture, that allows journalists to quickly discover the story behind the data


+ Transforming detailed numerical information in to easy to interpret data visualistions


site_map_barc2 Site map for Barclays League
barc_gridsGrid layouts for Desktop, tablet and mobile



wire_desktopClear signposting allows the user to see where they at all times, breadcrumb supports this and lets the user know where they are within the overall structurewire_med_desktop wire_tablet_mobile
Menu scales in to hamburger, having to work to Barclays brand guidelines meant there was no work around for this. A better option would have been to show key links – Fixtures, results and teams, and hide the rest in a show more section. Breadcrumb remains.



Mock up of fixture page, showing top level info on head to head and win and draw stats, support by goal statistics and other key metrics